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Our Process

Our thoughtful process covers all necessary steps to ensure quality and reliability.

Gather information

Boosting your online presence requires a deep understanding of your brand and your audience.

Propose a plan

Here is we propose an execution plan that would fit your needs and budget.


Whether you choose to use a template or a custom tailored design, we'll walk the extra mile and make sure the design to be unique and to fit with your brand without compromising quality.


This is the part we do best and enjoy the most. Innovation requires a new perspective and flexibility, we retain all the technical coding knowledge to bring advanced and practical solutions.

Test and Update

After finishing with the initial iteration, we will give the chance to review your website and ask for further modifications. Meanwhile, we will do more testing and update the site repetitively.


Once you're satisfied with the work we've accomplished, we'll launch your website publicly.

Keep in touch

We'll be here, one phone call or text away in case you need to edit or upgrade your website. We also offer optional yearly website maintenance and improve service.

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Website Design

We acknowledge the importance of giving as many options to you in the design process to meet your needs and budget. You get to choose whether you want to use a cheaper and more economical approach with an elegant pre-designed template or use a unique and fully customizable tailored design with no creative constraints

Pre-designed Templates

Efficient, Reliable and Economical

Custom Tailored Design

Unique and Creative Design

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One of our strengths is our high standards and appreciation of intelligent designs. All our models will consider the following elements to ensure a positive and unforgettable user experience

Know Your Audience

A deep understanding of your brand and your audience is crucial in developing and providing what the user ultimately needs.

Simple Design That Grabs Immediate Attention

Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance.

Don't Overwhelm the User

Clutter and incomprehensible design will drive the user away for good.

Adapt to Change - EVOLVE

The strength of a company lies in its ability to evolve.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is a crucial element in visual design and UX (user experience). Consistency helps the user to navigate and learn about all the features by getting the user familiar with the given web experience.

Easy to use

Avoid the user an unpleasant and a frustrating experience by a simple and intuitive design.

Give Super Powers to the User

Useful -> Functional -> Beautiful -> Good Brand Experience

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Website Application

Achieve your project's potential with smart and reliable solutions. Implement complex functions and features in a fast and efficient manner.
Web-based applications provide substantial flexibility and versatility that will help your company offer new innovative and convenient service to win over new clients.





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Online Marketing

Our online marketing package will help improve your organic search results and increase traffic to your website. We use proven and reliable SEO and keyword placement techniques and audit tools. We also offer a social media marketing package that will boost your online presence. Ask us how?

SEO Audit

Effective Content Writing
Anchor text & keywords placement

Search Engine

Effective Design
across platforms

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Content Writing

Good content writing is one of the main elements for pleasant and informative user experience. We follow a thorough process when it comes to Content Writing.

Providing the information your audience is looking for while grasping their attention for more extended periods is an art form that requires a strategic approach.

It's vitally important to consider the proper material to your target audience and keyword research is crucial to determine the scope, and the goal of every single page on your website.

We will make sure the information on every page quickly scanned while remaining relevant and accurate. Placing calls-To-Action buttons (CTAs) strategically with creative and attractive texts boosts conversion rates and making the user stay longer. This way, it will be much easier for the user to find the relevant information they're looking for.

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At Meraki Designs, we work with your budget and vision.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." -Warren Buffet

Proposing the most efficient and reasonable plan of action that fits with your budget is our first concern.
Never pay for endless and pricey monthly subscription fees for a website that you own, it's a scam. With us, you'll get what you pay.

No Monthly Subscription Fees
for your contents

We work with your budget
Prices starting from $400.0

3 payment installments

You have full ownership

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